Where is my data stored? & How safe is it?

All of our Servers are dedicated Servers hosted and maintained in the UK by our hosting partners, Bytemark

Bytemark hosting is a UK-owned and located company that have been providing hosting since 2002. Their national network is built with resilience in mind. The core and data centre networks benefit from 10Gbps of connectivity and are designed to transparently tolerate the failure of any link or piece of equipment. They are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. They have points of presence in Manchester, Leeds, York and London. Transit supplied by multiple Tier 1 providers with routes avoiding London and they peer widely in the UK, including with the country’s top 6 ISPs.

Data Centre Facts


1MVA primary power supply from a dedicated substation on the 11kV distribution ring.
Backup generator with 24-hour runtime and a six-hour priority fuel supply contract.
Uninterruptible Power Supply system delivering power with N+1 resiliency and option of N+N.


Airedale SmartCool units providing cooling with N+1 resiliency.
Fresh air cooling when exterior ambient temperature is below 21.5C or below to minimise electricity usage.
Racks arranged in contained cold aisle with ceiling tiles, doors and blanked racks to minimise air leakage.


Diverse fibre entry points into the building to separate core network racks.
Fibre routed diversely within the building from network to server racks.
Dedicated connections from our building to the rest of our national network.

Safety and security:

Staff on call 24/7.
Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm system (VESDA).
Double knock fire alarm system connected to a non-destructive fire suppression using FM200 gas.
24/7 security with remotely monitored CCTV connected to security and police response. - Access control system for entry to and control within the building.

Data Backup:

All of your data is backed up daily and weekly.

Disaster Recovery

Pyramid operates a primary and secondary real-time data replication failover strategy that in the event the primary server develops a problem the secondary server is available to take over to reduce system downtime.
In the event the York Data Centre develops a problem your data is also backed up to set of servers in Manchester that reduces the risk of downtime.

Please Note: As the data controller you are responsible for maintaining the data entered into our servers into records on your network. We can provide access to your data and can help consult on how to back up the data to your network. Please contact our support team for further help in this area.